We understand the markets, we understand that recent shifts in lifestyle and home ownership patterns has seen more people than ever, now looking for residential accommodation that’s not only highly designed, but also operates as an asset within emerging communities.

Ankor is a diligent yet flexible partner, working with agents, introducers and landowners in a constant cycle of deal detection.

Understanding the market potential of quietly trending areas ripe for capital growth, combined with experience, imagination and flexibility has led to Ankor being reputed as a forward thinking and highly trusted property developer.

Evaluating the end-user and local population infrastructure needs, we craft delivery plans for schemes that best fit every individual site and community.

Determining feasibility after extensive risk assessment together with multilateral investor and local authority acceptance, we get to the next business of construction.

Technological design philosophy

Design Led

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design ethos

Environment & Community Regeneration

Adding value and a sense of purpose to a projects immediate environment, enhancing vital infrastructure.

Harmony —

All developments are sympathetically designed to suit their surroundings, incorporating individual interior and exterior design features projecting a sense of place.

Community —

A high percentage of our development projects revolve around multi-purposing and multi-occupancy, resulting in new enthusiastic communities naturally emerging and evolving otherwise degenerate areas and infrastructures.

Sustainability —

A dirty word to some developers, we’re serious about all things environmental / sustainable. Responsibly sourcing materials as well as integrating energy saving technology, which further extends our ecological footprint post build.